Friday, October 3, 2008

Great New News Site

This is a personal fav of mine. This site will be great. They are just starting out but have long history of blogging.Give this one a try. This will let you know how it really is int he news world. News the way you like it.

Here is a great example.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My First Instance of Hummer Rage

I was driving down the road in my Pontiac G6 when a jerk in a white Hummer H2 decided he wanted to be in my lane and just moved on over without looking or using his turn signal. This forced me into the center turn lane despite my honking.

This made something click in my head. Over the past couple of year I have heard all about "Prius Rage" because they go annoyingly slow to get really good gas mileage. No with $4 gas we have changed as a society. We now envy the Prius driver and truly hate the Hummer driver. Now every time I see one it creates a visceral reaction of "Hummer Rage".

So I am starting this blog about the behemoths of the road to release that rage.